Best Methods of Pest Control


Pest control is a technique that deals with management and control of pests that affect plants, animals as well as human beings. There are pests that only affect crops others animals and can also transmitted to human beings. A good example of such pests is fleas found in dogs. There are several methods which can be used to control pests as will be discussed below.


Pests are controllable by practice and improving our hygiene. A clean place is not suitable for pests breeding. Some of the good hygiene practices are such as; disposing material waste at the designated areas, preserve foods at the right places, proper use of toilets so as to prevent diseases causing microorganisms from contaminating food and water meant for human consumption and ensuring good ventilation in the houses to prevent breeding of pests such as cockroaches.


Another control method from is by use of pesticides. This method however requires special care while handling pesticides because almost all of them are poisonous to both humans and animals. Nevertheless, this method of pest control is widely practiced in controlling pests in agricultural fields.


Farmers are advised to strictly follow the instructions provided, usually on the labels so that they can avoid inappropriate use. Correct timing of the crop consumption is a factor to consider just to be sure that there are no chemical residues in the crop and to make it safe for human consumption. Pesticides use is controlled by a body known as environmental protection agency at


In addition, pests can be controlled through biological methods. Biological methods involve use of natural methods other than chemicals. An example is where one uses one species of harmless pests that can inhibit the breeding or multiplication of another, for instance the use of fish to feed on mosquitoes larvae in waters. The main assumption here is that every insect pest has a natural enemy. Such insects are beneficial predators that help in elimination of other pests. Another example of a beneficial predator is a lady beetle that preys on aphids. To learn more methods of pest control, you can visit


Physical method is also another way of controlling pests. The use of physical methods in crops for may instance include use of traps to catch certain pests or use protective barriers. An example of a protective barrier is planning of sorghum or millet around a maize plantation to trap pests. These three species belong to the same family and takes relatively the same duration to mature. If a farmer wants to prevent their maize, they may plant the two so that the pests may not feed on the major crop instead.


In general, all the above methods can be effective in pest controlling. However the choice of each method is dependent on the type of pest to be controlled and the experience of the person handling each method. It is important to seek for consultation from the bodies that deal with pests control to ensure that the best method is employed.